MiNaCon transfers innovative ideas and trends to products and business cases.

Using new sources like micro- and nanotechnology, microelectronics, MEMS, new materials, etc. we

  • process and integrate these sources to functional smart systems,
  • lead them to elements of technical strategies, like Internet of Things (IoT) or Industry 4.0 approaches,
  • support customers and end-users requirements

to open the way for new successful developments, products and business opportunities.

MiNaCon offers:

  • Technical / economical status analysis and reports
  • Product planning, product management, and product development support
  • Evaluation, creation, and realizing of business plans
  • Project management especially in cooperation with universities and R&D institutes
  • Attracting funding support from state, federal, and European government
  • Networking with international partners

MiNaCon is partner in the global network Taskill in Williamsburg, Virginia, USA. Taskill plans, develops, and organizes Joint Ventures for innovative technologies and products.

MiNaCon actually covers the following projects:

  • NanoPores = electrochemical measurement cavities in dimensions of nanometers for biomedical analysis. Creating and building a platform strategy for different applications
  • Medical devices for sleep disorder, e.g. support in development, production, and sales of intelligent anti-snoring pillows: http://www.nitetronic.com
  • New materials based on electric active polymers
  • Cooperation with leading R&D institutes for sensors, MEMS, and energy harvesting technologies
  • Business development for “Swirling Jet-Streams”, a new technology for high efficient liquid cooling of high power electronics and lasers: http://www.submerged-jets.de
  • Strategic consulting in sensor production technologies for a global industrial company
  • Organization and realization of delegation visits of foreign companies to Europe to find potential cooperation partners in the technology fields of sensors and IoT
  • Initiator of cooperation between German and foreign VC companies
  • Business development for dedicated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Production Planning Systems (PPS) – Software for small and medium sized companies